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L Shaped Shower Bath, including surround



Quality hinge

Solid brass fixed hinges with thick chrome plating, uniquely designed to ensure the vertical seal can traverse the complete screen without being cut, preventing water leakage and making installation faster and less prone to error

Handle & towel holder

You can choose how to use this high quality handle, which is made from solid brass and finger print free polished chrome. It™'s been designed to be robust enough to open and close the door from the inside or out, and is deep enough to drape a towel over, very handy on those cold mornings

20mm wall adjustment

Don't compromise on design or function with this sleek minimal frame. Its edges curve against the wall for added aesthetics and the 20mm adjustment allows for perfect screen alignment and a water tight showering experience, even if the walls or floor are out of line.

Look no screws!

The beautiful finish of the frame is not spoilt with unsightly screws as chrome caps hide the installation screws used on the inside of the frame, allowing for a sleek design and easy access should any future adjustments be needed

Opens in & out 180°

This fully functioning bath screen can open a 180 degrees, in and out. If you've got radiators or fixtures against the external wall, simply fold the door inwards or create extra space by opening the door outwards against the wall, this also offers easy access for cleaning and to turn on the taps before showering

Rise & fall hinge

Every detail has been designed to ensure your L shaped shower bath is water tight. The rise and fall hinge on the bath screen ensures a water tight fit against the bath, and the bottom edge automatically lifts when the screen is moved, reducing friction on the seal, which extends its lifetime and durability

6mm tempered glass

The glass on our L shaped shower screens is 6mm to BS6206A/EN12150-1 standards. The extra thickness provides weight to give our screens that quality feel and since safety is paramount, our strong tempered glass will not break into sharp dangerous pieces if ever broken

Tap in on flexibility

Install your taps at the end of the bath, on the side of the showering area or in the middle of the bath- the choice is yours. The L bath edge is wide enough and has been reinforced on all three edges to allow you to easily drill and install as required

Sealed to last

The bath screen seals are finished off with a transparent end cover cap and corner join. These give the whole screen more rigidity and will ensure the ends of the seals do not curl and become unsightly and prone to water leakage overtime

Extra steep bath sides

Maximise your standing area with a steep sided bath which provides an 850mm x 850mm showering area (700mm at the narrow end). Steep sides require precision manufacturing and more re-enforcement, but the extra 5-10% of extra showing space is definitely worth the effort

Thick & ridged panels

The single-piece side panel, with easy install fixings and optional end panel creates a seamless style. With reinforced backing and 2.5mm thickness you can be sure of a firm, durable and rigid product built to last a lifetime without the need to compromise on a two piece side panel

1500mm screen

Not too tall to dominate the room and just the right height to reflect any wayward splashes back into the bathing area, this balanced bath screen will save your bathroom floor and fixtures from a soak


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