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Floor construction details



Floor Constructions Details


It is important to choose the correct floor heating product based on the subfloor material and your floor covering.

The following construction details show how underfloor heating is installed for the most popular floor types and coverings.

Your choice of underfloor heating products may depend on:

  • finished floor build-up height
  • speed or ease of installation
  • cost

All Flexel products are thoroughly tested and will 
provide an excellent floor heating system.

Remember, use of the recommended insulation material will enable the floor to heat up faster and run more efficiently. See how floor heating is placed under:


 floor heating under stone floor

UFH beneath a Tile & Stone Floor

1. Tile or stone floor
2. Flexible tile adhesive
3. Flexible levelling compound
4. ECOFLOOR Cable Mat or ECOFLEX loose cable
5. ECOMAX insulated tile backer board
6. Suspended timber or concrete subfloor


 floor heating under lino floor

UFH beneath a Linoleum or Luxury Vinyl Floor

1. Linoleum or luxury vinyl floor covering
2. Flexible levelling compound ( 12mm min depth )

3. ECOFLOOR Cable Mat or ECOFLEX loose cable
4. ECOMAX insulated tile backer board

5. Suspended timber or concrete subfloor


 floor heating in screed
UFH beneath a Screed Floor

1. Vinyl/Carpet/Wood Floor Covering
2. Screed ( min 50mm )
3. ECO-FIX HD Fixing Band
4. ECOFLEX In-screed Cable
5. Foil faced floor slab Insulation


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