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Slim Jim Boiler & Indirect Pre-Plumb Cylinder package



We now offer an all-in-one package to help making the move to an all electric heating & hot water system much easier and cost effective. The packages include everything required for the installation including an electric boiler, an unvented cylinder, and all the necessary controls. 

The package includes an electric regular boiler - to supply hot water to your central heating system, and a indirect unvented hot water cylinder - to supply hot water to your taps and showers. The indirect cylinder is heated by the electric boiler and has a 3kW electric immersion heater as a back-up.

Packages Includes:

  • Slim Jim Electric Flow Boiler
  • Indirect Unvented Cylinder
  • Single Channel Programmer
  • Wired Room Thermostat
  • 8L Robo Kit 
  • Auto Air Vent
  • High Quality Circulating Pump
  • Lockshield Pump Valves (x2)
  • Magnetic Filter
  • Automatic By-Pass
  • 2 Port Zone Valve (x2)
  • Cylinder Stat
  • Wiring Centre

Benefits of an Electric Heating & Hot Water System:

  • No more gas bills
  • 100% efficient - no requirement to oversize
  • Suitable for 'Off-Peak' Economy 7 electricity tariffs
  • No flue required
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Quick installation - 90% mechanical & 10% electrical 
  • No mandatory annual maintenance required
  • Suitable for use with standard wet system radiators
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Almost silent in operation
  • No noxious fumes or gases emitted


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